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    NXFury Information Security

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    Learn Information Security for Free, at your own pace.

    NXFury InfoSec offers a fully open source curriculum, designed by passionate digital security professionals to provide a complete experience that enables students to achieve their goals of learning more about technology and pursuing specialties in the field of Information Security.


    We do this through collecting course materials that already exist for free online, audit them, review them for quality, and lay the courses out in specific order so that even people with experience can easily start on the material.

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    A Community To Grow In

    NXFury Information Security also provides a community of fellow learners around the globe to learn from, work on projects with, and perform professional networking with to enhance one's career.


    This may help students in many ways:

    • Through community, accountability is found.
    • People with experience in the industry can aid students in searching for a career or working on projects.
    • Friends can be established all over the planet, all with the same interest- Cybersecurity.
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    Begin your deep dive into Information Security!

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    Join in our community, make friends and track your progress!